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Koolant Koolers is the leading chiller manufacturer of process cooling equipment. Located in Kalamazoo, MI; Koolant Koolers builds quality industrial-grade chillers and reliable product partnerships. Our chillers are designed to integrate with your application or act as a standalone unit; providing continuous heat transfer of your downtime sensitive applications.

Koolant Koolers has over 60 years of industry experience with chillers, from small 1/8th ton units to over 500 tons of cooling. Our product line has been designed by seasoned engineer professionals; with the intention of being energy efficient, maintainable and integrable with your application setup.

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Process Cooling Chiller Applications

Chiller Solutions

Pricing and lead time on application specific chiller designs. Request a quote.


Spare/Replacement Parts

Pricing and availability on operational critical parts for your chiller.


Service Assistance

Technicians onsite to diagnosis and provide help to your questions or urgent issues 24/7.


Find a chiller that works with your application.

Cooling solutions for machine tooling applications.

Industrial Applications

Serviceable chiller designs that can endure the most rigorous environments.

Chillers for MRI, CT Scanners, Linear Accerlators

Medical Applications

Chillers engineered to work with your existing equipment and protected against downtime.

Food processing chiller solutions

Food Processing Applications

Clean and efficient cooling-designs, built to meet exacting standards.

Data Center Chillers

Data Center Cooling

Efficient cooling solutions geared to meet the demands of this highly technical industry.

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