Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Koolant Koolers Model A

Flow Through Chillers

Flow Through Chillers


Koolant Koolers A Series chiller is a perfect solution when you have your own reservoir (tank). It is available in one to sixty tons of capacity and beyond. This unit can incorporate a pump to draw fluid from your tank, route it through the A Series chiller and back to your tank to maintain any constant temperature. It can also follow ambient temperatures for those important applications where your fluid would be compromised by condensation. The A Series chiller is particularly well-suited for applications that cool cutting fluids (oil and water-soluble fluids) as well as water. It is available with our exclusive cleanable heat exchanger.

Brazed Plate
  • EDM
  • Waterjet
  • Clean filtration
Cleanable or Shell and Tube
  • Metalworking
  • Hydraulics
  • Reservoir cooling
  • Scroll compressor
  • NEMA 12 feature e-box
  • Digital/programmable temperature controller
  • RAL 7035 PC cabinet (indoor)
  • Galvanized cabinet (outdoor)
  • Fused disconnect
  • Brazed plate, shell & tube or cleanable evaporator
  • Vertical air discharge
  • Hot gas regulator
  • Built to meet UL 1995
  • 18 month parts and labor warranty
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Horizontal process pump
  • Phase monitor
  • Hot gas regulator
  • Ambient tracking
  • Remote digital display with on/off
  • Pump upgrades for pressure and flow
  • Voltage standard options
  • Extended warranty and preventive maintenance packages
* These are pre-designed option packages. Virtually any configuration is available but will effect delivery.

Koolant Koolers A Series water cooled units use a fixed bundle, cleanable shell and tube heat exchanger or brazed plate heat exchanger to remove heat from the system.

  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Heavy-duty welded hermetic reciprocating compressor or scroll compressor
  • Fixed bundle heat exchanger – brazed plate heat exchanger – or cleanable heat exchanger
  • Vertical air discharge- minimizes worker discomfort and reduces floor space
  • Cleanable filters
  • Can be furnished with or without pump
Cleanable Heat Exchanger

Our industry leading cleanable technology gives us the ability to cool dirty fluids with easy maintenance. We additionally offer shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Brazed Plate style Heat Exchangers for clean fluid options.

  • 2 ton
  • 3 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 7 1/2 ton
  • 10 ton
  • 15 ton
  • 20 ton
  • 30 ton
  • 40 ton
  • 60 ton