Thursday, August 21, 2014

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J Series - Portable Chiller

Typically in stock to 2 week delivery. Options include pressure relief bypass valve, manual bypass, auto water fill, flow switch, anti-back flow kit and air filter.
1/8th ton to 1.5 ton

S Series - Water Chiller

Simple maintenance water chiller

Typically in stock to 3 week delivery. Water, water/glycol, indoor and outdoor options readily available.
2 to 20 ton

D Series - Drop In Chiller

Drop In Chillers

Units are designed to sit in customer tank to minimize required foot print and eliminate clogging issues. Designed to cool oils and water soluble oils.
1 to 30 ton

Medical Chiller

Designed for use with all modalities

Koolant Koolers provides a fully standardized model line which has been designed specifically for the exacting needs of your equipment.
3 to 30 ton

Modular Chiller

Redundancy design

The modules can be built to any design specifications.
Redundancy Available

W Series - Pressured Process Loop Chiller

Closed Loop Chillers

Water, water/glycol, indoor and outdoor options available. Visit page to see options available.
2 to 60 ton

A Series - Flow Through Chiller

Flow Through Chillers

Designed to cool water soluble oil, oils of all different viscosities and water applications. Filtration available, as well as pumps to provide tank recirculation.
2 to 60 ton

F Series - Fluid Cooler

Fluid Coolers

Coil sizes range from 18x18 to 60x60. Call for availability.

Heat Exchanger Package

Heat Exchanger Packages

Koolant Koolers designs custom heat exchanger packages with a variety of options such as plate and frame, brazeplates and cleanable heat exchangers.

Pump Station

Pump Station

Koolant Koolers can design and manufacture custom pump stations for any application.