Chiller Products

Koolant Tankless Units
Koolant Koolers Model A
Tankless Flow Through Chillers

Designed to cool water soluble oil, oils of all different viscosities and water applications. Filtration available, as well as pumps to provide tank re-circulation.
Capacities from 2 to 60 ton

7.5 Ton Drop In Cooler
Koolant Koolers Model D
Drop In Styled

Units are designed to sit in customer tank to minimize required foot print and eliminate clogging issues. Designed to cool oils and water soluble oils.
Capacities from 1 to 30 ton

Koolant Koolers Model F
Fluid Cooler

Koolant Koolers Fan Cooled Units – Model FC units are designed to cool where an economical solution is needed but critical temperature tolerances are not required.
Varying capacity ranges

1 Ton Portable Chiller
Koolant Koolers Model J
Portable Units With Casters

The J-Series is a compact indoor portable chiller, featuring a durable, maintenance free stainless steel cabinet, all non-ferrous design and air-cooled condensers.
Capacities from 1/8 to 1.5 ton

3 Ton Water Chiller
Koolant Koolers Model S
Water Chillers

The Koolant Koolers S-Series provides an indoor or outdoor operation for a variety of applications. This durable unit is built to last and comes in a powder-coated cabinet with self contained recirculating pumps.
Capacities from 2 to 20 ton

7.5 Ton W Series
Koolant Koolers Model W
Pressured Process Loop Units

The Koolant Koolers W-Series utilized brazed plate heat exchanger technology for high efficiency and can be fitted with pressurized tanks for low temperature applications.
Capacities from 2 to 60 ton

Cleanable heat exchanger
Koolant Koolers Heat Exchanger
Indirect Cooling

Koolant Koolers heat exchanger package cools indirectly. Your process fluid is never touched by our cooling units.

Modular and Redundancy Available
Koolant Koolers Modular & Redundancy
N+1 Redundancy

Our redundant models are specifically engineered for reliability, providing duplicate circuits with redundant capacities.
Virtually any capacity available.

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